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Some photos from Italia for your enjoyment (Milan and Parma)!

December 24, 2010

I went to Italy in October to visit the lovely Lydia, one of my best friends who I can be completely myself with. We are very good at not seeing each other for ages and then meeting and having ridiculously long, deep and meaningful conversations about everything and anything, this is basically what we did on my visit in many cafes whilst eating and drinking, was the perfect relax. She is in Italy for a year studying singing as part of her uni course, although it rained most of the time it was wonderful to see her again and have the time to have proper chats and catch up with one anothers lives.

                                  Lydia ‘Moonface’, moon-face is the most loving way because she has a large
                                   face and large features, she calls me ‘Goon’ in return.
                                           ‘Autumn Leaves on a bus stop shelter’ or if I was being more artisitc…..
                                           ‘The cascading seasons resplendent on the sky screen’.
                                            Bed fit for a King I’d say…..I got some good nights sleep on that!
         Goon (me)  and    Moon (Lydia)
                                                      All we need now is a pixie (Aimee) to make the….
                                                       I liked the burnt orange colour.
                                                     I am at my happiest when eating…..
                                                     It may look like sick but it tasted good- ‘Gnocchi’
                                     ‘A pondering moon’
                                         ‘Il Trovatore’ the opera, because we are that ‘sophisticated’,
                                        fre-quent regularly like, every Saturday night… Yes this is where we
                                        would sit if we were rich… the 10 euro seats did us, up in the heavens,
                                        craning your necks round a beam, on the positive you could hear it and the 
                                       many ‘Brava, Brava’s’ bellowed from the crowd.
                                       The Italians are good at showing their appreciation for Art.
                                          The gathering of the rich and well-to-do after said opera.
                                           We mused and meandered in cafes a lot, sipping beverages,
                                           observing and generally putting the world to rights.
                                           The frolick on the way home, yes I enjoy walking at
                                           night there is something very restful about it.
                                          A roof of a church, it was unusual because it had two layers
                                          the carved, stone layer and then further up the painted layer
                                          which you can see from different angles between the holes.
                                           Lydia coming out of the very posh toilets at the opera,
                                            I was reclined on a chaise-lounge waiting for her of course.
                                           The measure of a place is the quality of its toilets.
                                           The pictures on the tree branches are done by children, I also
                                           liked the 2 harassed looking ladies with wind-swept umbrellas.
                                          A bit of colour on an otherwise grey day.
                                                    On the last morning I managed to spill cereal
                                                 Milan train station is a work of Art, here is me
                                                struggling with my case down the many steps.
                                           Opera is all the rage in Parma, look at this group of go-getters
                                           waiting to get their tickets, camped out all night for them…..
                                          We liked this captured moment of 2 old dears clutching to each
                                           other as they wait to cross the road. A snapshot of life.
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