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A walk on a Sunday in January and 22 things about me…..

January 13, 2011
Last weekend I went for a walk with my parents and dog along the beach at sunset, very romantic. I have two things to say about it, one….it woke me up and two….it was the first time I properly tried out my fancy, alarmingly complicated camera that I got at Christmas complete with attached zoom lens that made me fell like some kind of Papparazzi, so yes it was most exciting. The photos are accompanied by 22 completely unrelated things about me, in other words I am afraid I did not have enough foresight to take photos that matched what I’m now saying about myself but photos always make things more interesting…..22 things, one for each year I have lived….

    1) I never read one book at a time and usually I have 6-20 books on the go at any one time. That way I can pick and choose what I read depending on what mood I am in. This could be described as ‘fickle’.

    2) For number 2, two things I cannot stand….being ignored and cowards. Two things I love…adventure and honesty.

    3) I’m excellent at starting things but rubbish at finishing them. Watch the future of this blog to see how true this is.

    4) Ultimately, I believe we are all here to do something (some goal/pinnacle/zenith of our being!) and that God knows what that is and he’ll give us the opportunity to do it you just have to live your life to its best and be ready.

    5) I’m full of contradictions I don’t always understand and I think that really everyone is a mixture of contradictions, nobody is black and white so people should be given the time to be understood.

    6) By now, at the ripe old age of 22, I am beginning to know the people i like, the kind of people that suit me and those that do not. In a complete contradiction (see point 5) I am trying to be less judgmental because maybe I don’t know for sure which people are good for me and which are not. My friends interest me more than anyone and I have every confidence they will all do something extraordinary with their lives.

    7) One of my favourite acitivities is going for walks at night often very late in the pouring rain, chatting away with my boyfriend about nothing in particular. Incidently, he makes me silliest and laugh hardest and adds that sickly sweet sheen to life and so I don’t think I could live without him just so you know.

    8) My favourite type of landscape is a deserted, wild and craggy beach with the wind howling around me so that I can feel that timeless, escapist quality that makes you feel alive and awake. Due to an abundance of such beaches, Ireland is my favourite country in the world that I have visited so far.

   9)  I find people the most fascinating thing in this world and could muse about them all day if given the chance.

   10) When (presumptive I know!) propsed to I expect nothing less than ‘Angeles’ by Elliott Smith being serenaded to me and played on the acoustic guitar. With the backdrop of a ‘wild and rugged’ beach at sunset- ahh idealised pictures of life that seem to unrealistically higher my expectations!

    11) I’m lucky enough to have an incredible family, being the youngest is the best, everyone looks after you and you get away with more. I have the most lovely and wonderful mum, dad, older sister and older brother and would be lost without them. On many occasions I would rather stay in with my mum and dad on a Saturday night than go out, sad I know but I don’t care…

    12) I sometimes believe my dog ‘Pooka’ is my Guardian Angel in dog form because she arrived when I needed her most. (Actually the above photo is quite apt for what I’m saying here as that is indeed Pooka, did that on purpose….honestly…..)

        14) For me all the colour and vividness of life would be removed without music. I love listening to, playing and writing music, piano being the instrument I can play decently. However, a life ambition is to become expert at acoustic guitar. I’m not at all bitter I’m not talented enough at it to pursue it as a career…..not at all…..

   15)  I sometimes prefer animals to humans because they live life at its most simple and appreciate the  simple things. I will help animals as much as possible before my time is up here.

    16) I especially find people from by-gone eras fascinating (see point 9 for more about my fascination with people) which helps explain my absolute love and life passion for History and why it must be a major part of my future, ultimate life aims/dreams- to be a History professor and write- thats not too much to ask it it?? Keeping in the History theme, I once had a job where I had to sort through the papers and letters of patients from a Victorian Criminal Lunatic Asylum, which often reminded me of my mother’s wise words ‘there’s a very fine line between madness and genius’.

    17) My favourite colour is teal/aqua/turquoise type colours, such colours against maroony purple is the most amazing combination. (See text colour!)I will have a room in my future house exhibiting these two colours. I generally love bright colours.

   18) I much prefer the outside to the inside, I am happiest in nature, watching the one thing that humans will never master unfurling around me.

    19) When I’m older I want to know about ‘Art’ and collect it so that it is everywhere you look in my house.

    20) I worry a lot about everything but i’m learning to do this less and it’s pretty liberating.

    21) In recent years I have learnt to accept myself more and hope by my ‘dotage’ I accept myself completely- now that would be contentment.

   22) Conversations are everything, the in depth ones that you get lost in- there is nothing better. Even the worthless conversations that seem inconsequential can later be remembered and cause you to have that key thought you needed to have, because it makes sense now because you have experienced what you needed to experience since that conversation for it to make sense. Talking about making sense, I realise this point will make no sense to anyone else, apologies.

 23) I can’t count….theres a fact about me I am terrible at maths. Looks like I counted the photos wrong so you get 23 points. So here is point 23…..I have a pot of yellow play-doh beside my bed which I play with every night before I go to sleep, good de-stressing tip and I like the smell.

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