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A Simple Sunday.

May 8, 2011

I just got excited because on my dashboard it said I had a grand total of 2, yes that’s right 2 followers….and I got excited and thought somebody else actually reads this….really….and then I remembered I had clicked to follow this blog by accident earlier in the day so actually the extra follower was in fact myself and I felt a little sad and desperate HA, well I enjoy writing to myself at least I know that the readers of this here blog will understand what I’m trying to say.

ANyway why is that it gets to 10:30 at night and that’s when suddenly my motivation kicks in and I think yes right, I will sit down and do this or that various creative endeavours I’ve been wanting to do all day, it only takes me 14 hours to get the momentum going to start doing things and then I decide and its pretty much time for me to go to bed else face the consequence of feeling like actual death when i have to get up at half six in the morning for work.

However having said all this the past week I have managed to maintain some level of motivation and have exercised nearly everyday and cut crisps out of my diet and cut down bread…..,I realise this seems a minimum achievement but with my below average will power it’s quite a success for me so we shall see how the following weeks go.

So in the 14 hours of building momentum today I have enjoyed and appreciated the simple things because the week is always more complicated then it should be and so the weekend should be a rest in simplicity :

1) Reading…..these are the 16 books I have ‘on the go at the moment’ which I dip into according to my mood and inclination….there’s a random pot mixture of history, poetry, classics, weird, fantasy, historical novel, just quite normal, guidance. My mum doesn’t understand how I keep track of what I’m reading and how I don’t confuse one story with another, neither do I really…

2) Trying desperately to learn acoustic guitar because its my favourite it soothes the soul and is the song writers perfect accompanying tool.

3) Just sitting in the cosiness of my room and enjoying the peace and music harboured in it.

4) Writing whilst gaining inspiration from anything i can lay eyes on….

5) Enjoying the strange sounds and snuffles of a sleeping pooka…they sound very human sometimes and her sighs sound like she’s got the weight of the world on her shoulders.

6) Thinking about tidying my room but secretly liking its random draping of clothes and clutter.

7) Being amazed at how dogs can literally just chew…..and chew…..and chew for hours and hours and need nothing else to amuse them because it really is just the simple things that we need to be happy.

8) Sitting in a sunny garden….just taking the time to sit in the sun.

9) Growing my first vegetables, getting my hands dirty and seeing what if anything grows…I’m hoping carrots, lettuce, beetroot and tomatoes appear at some point…..also it amuses me that the container I bought to grow my vegetables in are in fact designed for children.

10) Loving the colour of these leaves in the sunshine….they catch my eye every time I look out my bedroom window.

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