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The Storm of despair and hope.

May 9, 2011

Thunder storms….there’s just something about them. Something that gets to me and makes me feel excited and energised. The darkening of the sky, clouds leaking their white fluffiness to become bruised and harrassed shades of their former selves. The world stopping and becoming still as a green tinged eerie light touches and falls on leaves and glints off the feather of a retreating bird as it flees to a spot of shelter as the first fat drops being to fall. Nature knows its is coming and pauses…and holds it’s metaphorical breath…waiting…

And then the rain falls….and how it falls, relentless-uncaring the rain drops throw themselves against the earth, clattering and shattering, bouncing off the ground and roofs you can almost feel the water’s determination to fall as hard and fast to the earth.

Then a flash, a spark, silver it lights the world in a brilliance that makes you sit up and notice and causes people to remark’ did you see that….DID YOU SEE THAT?’ like its an unknown curiousity because it still fascinates us and will still fascinate us the 500th time we witness it because it is this world we inhabit and take for granted shouting at us to take note at the awesome power of nature….a sharp nudge to recollect the thought that we are only guests here, that this world is in no way ours but that the world belongs to the world and the world belongs to God.

Followed by a  growling thunder in which the sky shakes and crumbles and rumbles….it seems to be shaking itself in angst and anger. The sound of a thousand angels making their bed as my mum used to tell me and that image always used to make me smile.

And so we sit and wait down below, humbled and hope it passes and doesn’t impart it’s strength directly on us.

Suddenly as quickly as it started….it just stops and the earth catches its breath again. And everything is suddenly so green and fresh and rejuvenated, the aroma of the earth mixed intoxicatingly with the dew off the leaves as it glints in the emerging sun.

It is like the world has been created all over again from scratch, born a new with all the possibilities and potential that brings.

So I love thunderstorms for all the above reasons and because they seem to play out right above our heads the two emotions that guide us, pushing us and holding us back, the despair of the storm and then the hope of a world re-created it brings after it.

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