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Sufjan Gig-eth!

May 20, 2011

I went to a Sufjan Stevens gig last night in Manchester. Where are the photos you may ask? Well…I took my big old camera in its bag, took it to work before and everything and alas upon entering the building it was promptly taken off me up to a mysterious room in the clouds on the fourth floor- not allowed I’m afraid but you can see what I saw here through these delightful photos taken by somebody else who must of had a smaller camera…..

The lack of camera was a real shame because the visual aspects of the performance were key to the interpretations of the songs…and the visual aspects were utterly bizarre, colourful boardering on psychedelic, apocalyptic, full of the cosmos and space and aliens, out there concepts, spinning shapes and merging patterns– in fact all of these adjectives accurately describe the musical experience as well showing how well the visual echoed the sound.

It was an intense cacophony of trombones, drums, guitar, piano, synths, bass heavily driven by rhythm which walled you in and made you listen and tap your foot.

The opening of ‘Seven Swans’ was an experience, an experience that just listening to it on your i-pod cannot justify, the explosion of sound half way through thumped the main chords out so that you felt them course and vibrate through your body because music should not just be hear but felt as well.

All I can say is if you like music to take you on a journey and want to go to gig that is different to any other gig you have been to then this is worth your £15.

It is all summed up by the fact that Sufjan opened the show in an outfit that almost looked like a glowing/illuminous coloured skeleton mixed with tribal painting framed by 5ft swan wings on his back, swaying and bobbing about as he bopped to the beat.

So I had to catch the last train home from Manchester…..Midnight struck and I feared I’d turn into a pumpkin and then up at 6:30 for work today- I paid the price from nowhere a beast of a cold has generally bunged up my face all day.

 I must have been a sight on the bus this morning, the cold wind had made my already saw-dustesque- tired eyes full on water, making it look as if I was weeping, black smudgings of mascara all over and a very snotty nose with no tissues to hand to sort it. Why do I never have a tissue when I need them most…always they are there mis-shaping my pockets and sleeves when they are never needed.

But my bedraggled, damsel in distress appearance on the bus this morning is all now a distant memory because it is the most glorious of all the nights of the week- Friday with its promise of a luxurious lie in come the morning-ahhhh.

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