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Morrissey versus David Cameron

May 25, 2011

 This amused me- Morrissey banning David Cameron from liking The Smiths on the grounds his lifestyle goes completely against what The Smiths represented.

This asks the question of how much ‘ownership’ do musicians have over their music once it is released (when does music stop being the musician’s and start becoming the fans and the fans gaining a right to almost calling it theirs)….surely not enough to say who can and who can’t listen to it but I love that he did.

Secondly should certain types of people only listen to certain types of music that fit and reflect perfectly the type of life they live….surely not, music is about discovering new things and parts of yourself you didn’t even know you had…no?! However, Cameron could be seen as hugely hypocritical for liking a band that speak out against some of his policies so strongly…yet I do think you can enjoy music without necessarily agreeing with the message being portrayed by the music.

By the way I support Morrissey’s views a lot more than David Cameron’s but somehow the words above seem to be relaying the opposite.

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