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A sweating forehead!!!!

June 7, 2011

Oh my! I nearly nearly had to perform on the piano today—a thin film of sweat started to seep on my forehead, my stomach got that familiar feeling that a lump of dough had just rested there and decided to stay, and nerves oh nerves how they effect me so-

 i sit down to play those beautiful ivory keys, they are pressed and sweet sounds fill the air….that is until somebody else other than me enters the room and then and only then the nerves and the pressure kick in and PLONK……a discordant smash of keys as I mess up. This is what happens when I perform in front of others, an automatic smattering of wrong notes.

On my own all is well, by heart I am definitely more of a on your lonesome in quiet solitude composer type than a brash and confident performer shining under the accolade of an adoring audience. BUT I was saved from a performing fate by a friend in shiny armour who has stepped in to do it instead of me- Thank you to this person, you saved me from much stress!

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