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The Slug Dance.

July 15, 2011

This evening I performed what I would like to call the ‘Slug Dance’ or ‘Slug Roulette’, this sophisticated and highly skilled dance, will be coming to a night club near you some time soon I’m sure. My usual evening run was thwarted by a downpour, usually rain does not thwart my run but puts an added lift into my step as I in fact love running in the rain as it is an immediate deter for people to go outside, which means I get much more of the world to myself on my run (I have an unfounded paranoia of people staring at my beetroot face and scrag mcrag hair as I run past and thinking *wow, look at the state of her she must be unfit*, in fact I speed up and make my breathing lighter when running past people just so their not too alarmed) and secondly, there is something just so earthy and natural about running in the rain, the wind and water lashing into your face.

So as the rain poured on the field that I was running along, out came the slugs in their droves. Making a patchwork of green and black, a chessboard of sorts in which my aim was to land on the green else risk standing on a slug. I did not want to stand on a slug for two reasons: I envisage that standing on a slug can be much likened to standing on a sponge filled with slime intermixed with baked beans and secondly, I’m quite against killing things when there’s no real need to.

Hence my run turned into some kind if bizarre twisting, hop-footing, tribal dance centered on the aim of avoiding the slugs. As I got into the rhythm of this run-dance I began to add in additional moves; a twist here, an arm-flap there until I was doing full on arms up pretending I’m flying type moves. Don’t worry the field was deserted but worryingly many houses back onto this field so anybody happening to glance our of their window would have seen what can only be described as, a crazed lunatic in the pouring rain, stupidly wearing a white t-shirt, throwing shapes like there’s no tomorrow with a confused albeit not entirely surprised black and white dog a few paces behind.

As the run-dance continued I descended further into rain induced hysteria and gave certain parts of the field, slug-related names depending on the slug population density of a given area. So we had things such as, ‘ Slugadilly Circus’, ‘Slugsy Corner’, ‘Slug/Snail No Man’s Land etc… It made the run go surprisingly fast and took my mind off the usual pain involved with runs and so I’m all for slugs now and the random entertainment they bring.

As of 7am tomorrow I’m off up to the highlands of Scotland, where no people dwell and there’s nothing but hills, lochs, animals, castle ruins, reading, writing and walking for a week, apart from Wednesday which is a slight blip on the horizon which I will explain at a later date.

Away from normal life and any form of contact with the rest of the world, no internet and no mobile signal so I will return in a week with a few tales to tell hopefully.Or later tonight if I feel like writing something else!

My aim is to have a midnight swim in the loch by moonlight and continue run-dances in the safety of knowing there will be no one to watch me.

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  1. July 16, 2011 12:12 am

    hihi! just do it!

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