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I’m a ‘Z’ shape and Ohh Etty!!

August 30, 2011

Oh Etty you keep on inspiring me so and I can’t get enough of your words and I did promise more of them on here…(earlier post that promised this)

‘I saw old cities and new cities arise and I thought even if the whole of this world is bombed to bits, we shall build a new world, and that one too will pass, and still life will be beautiful, always beautiful’

‘Am I too busy? I want to get to know this century of ours inside and out. I feel it everyday anew. I run my fingertips along the contours of our age. Or is that pure fiction? But I always project myself back into reality. I make myself confront everything that crosses my path, which sometimes leaves me feeling battered…But I imagine it has to be like that…I am being forged into something else…But then I also have the feeling that all the problems of our age and of mankind in general have to be battled out inside my little head…’

‘Everything is chance or nothing is chance. If I believed the first I would be unable to live on, but I am not yet fully convinced of the second’

All quotes from Etty Hillesum from ‘An Interrupted Life: The Diaries and Letters of Etty Hillesum 1941-43, translated by Arnold J. Pomeran.

In other news today, I found out I can be likened to a ‘Z’ shape. In training, at work today, we had to pick whether we most likened our character to a ‘square’, ‘triangle’, ‘circle’ or ‘Z’ shape and explain why to others. My bluffed and clutching at straws attempt, was to say ‘I felt I was like a ‘Z’ shape because there are many layers to my character which are all connected and I like to see things from different angles’- What, WHAT, I can hear you saying, were you talking about!?!?! Apparently those that liken themselves to ‘Z’ shapes are innovative, fast paced, creative, do not like being restricted by time or anything else really…..hmmmmm.

Also by doing such exercises it was further confirmed to me that I am ‘socially awkward’ and when asked to introduce somebody as part of a task, managed to get their name completely wrong and fed back their talent was ‘sleeping’ when it in fact was ‘karaoke’ making it seem like I hadn’t listened at all. I blame it on working 6 days a week as opposed to my usual 5 days, my brain can’t cope!

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