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Motivated to do.

September 11, 2011

From nowhere, it has struck and hit me. Landed on me and made itself known to me. The will to go on and just work and do everything that needs to be done.


The power of will.

I welcome it with open arms because there is so much to do at the moment. Maybe that’s why, I have no choice but to just do. I know, a large part of it is where this year will take me if I make it succeed and that helps, there is a real point to it all. To end the distance and be able to move south with James. To finally be doing a bit of what I love and to see where it leads. Whether I can actually make a potential future out of the here and now. I am finally moving a small tentative step in the direction I want to be after going backwards for a while.

Maybe the secret is not to stop, i fear stopping because it’ll be much harder starting again.


for now I am so grateful to have this relentless motivation, long may it last into October and beyond when I will really need it. I am battening down the hatches for a whirlwind year. A year, in which my own time to relax will be non-existent but weirdly, I am looking forward to working hard and being utterly absorbed in that and putting my all into it.  I realise 2 months down the line I will be complaining I have no spare time but for now I’m optimistic.

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