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Autumn the Season of Last Sighs

October 27, 2012

Autumn is the last sigh. The final breath of nature before the whole cycle begins again.
The leaves say to each other, “let’s  explode with colour  because these are our last moments of life before we fall to the ground. Now though, we are most glorious, we are a blooming burnt orange, liquid ruby red, and the yellow of the searing sun.  Together, we are colours that oscillate and blur into a meandering river of hues and fire that whisper to be looked at. Finally it is time for our last flourish. In this ultimate instance, we see the life we have lived for what it is and know it most completely.”
 It dawns that their final moments are their greatest because it is only in that fated breath, before it is taken away that frank and tangible appreciation for life presents itself.
“In our dying moments you notice us”, they scream out.  “Only when we take all we have learnt and experienced and course it through our being in the brightest shades of life do you pay attention.  But don’t you see this means we have accomplished what we were meant to, in our last moments we have caused you to look up and notice the beauty of the world and that is enough for us.”
The leaves do not feel sorrow but joy when one of them falls and trickles to the ground because they know that soon they will be joining them and that it is only by falling that they help the next leaves to grow. It is understood, that there is no more they can do at this time and in this place, here and now they have reached the limits of their experience and existence.
Yet in falling, they have played their role and in doing so they continue to be part of it, part of the continuum, the momentum of being. It is only after a whole life has been lived that his can be realised. Sometimes a whole life is a short time and sometimes it is a very long time but both are complete in themselves.
I’m in the autumn of my life, at the end but at the start. Like autumn, I am a story that begins at the end.

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