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Golf Mentality

November 4, 2012
Today I went for a walk along a nearby golf course (see photos below). I noticed how territorial people can be, how an ‘us’ and ‘them’ mentality makes people belong or not. 
Anyway I was thinking along the lines of, if I were to die right now on this very spot, what would I regret not doing- the simple answer is, the things I want to do and not the things I need to do, so why do I spend all my time doing the things that need to be done instead of what I want to?
And all any of us can do is to fill our life with moments that mean something.

                                 Through the brambles

                                 Hidden Beach

                                There is actually a club in his hands.

                                Ritual before teeing off

                                 Sun going down over an old fishing town

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