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Life and Now.

January 13, 2013

I sit at a desk and see the sky speared across my line of vision and tree branches feeling their way at the bottom of the sky and in this one absorbed moment there is enough to carry within me, enough for the innards of my soul to take and turn into contentment. Sometimes, I believe we can have more of a say over time or at least our perception of time than we think. If I try hard enough I can slow time down around me by noticing everything contained within each moment of time. A moment can be unfolded corner by corner, scene by scene, explored and excavated until all the goodness in it transcends a point in time into your memory.
By stopping the constant rushing and feeling that everything must be done, I begin to notice the colours and the sounds, the beauty of it all that blurs by you when you hurtle yourself through the day  without pausing for breath. I’m noticing days are made up of millions of moments that we can chose to notice or choose to overlook. We can choose to miss the point of this intricate, delicate muchness that life offers to us day in, day out.
Everything within this world is beyond comprehension except the earth moving, stomach tumbling realisation that you are living right now, in this moment you are here and there is nothing more to it than that.
Fully grab hold of that notion and sing it through your cells until it races through your blood, feel life in you and then there are no more questions of life to be asked.
I’ve come from a point back there in the past, a miserable, self-absorbed, self-inflicted point I’ve come from it and moved away from it. Now I’m here, I’m in this moment of you reading this very word…and it is this shift in perspective.  A holding and treasuring of ‘now’,  in my heart, that changes the world into a shifting kaleidoscope of colours instead of a grey dreariness. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow will arrive but the present is racing through you and so what shall you do with it? Notice it, take it, build upon it so that your yesterdays are accomplishments and the future an unfolding of the hope that glittered through you now.
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